8 Best Keto-friendly Thickeners to Use Instead of Cornstarch

8 Best Keto-friendly Thickeners to Use Instead of Cornstarch

Enjoying your meal is the thing that helps you to have the best eating time. Various foods such as meat or vegetables can add up more flavor and nutrients. That is why we have discussed a few low carb and keto-friendly thickeners to make your sauces more yummy and thick without adding Cornstarch.

All of these thickeners can make your sauces and soups more creamy and full of texture. Undoubtedly, different things can make your sauce thick, like Cornstarch or flour. But it has a high amount of carbs, which can hinder your way of weight loss. By using these alternatives in your diet can help you to attain more benefits rather than gaining weight.

Is Cornstarch suitable for Keto Diet?

It is quite evident that flour and Cornstarch contain a high amount of carbs. This is the reason to avoid using Cornstarch and flour when you are on the keto diet. Its 100 grams have:

NutrientsQuantity Calories381 Protein0.26 g Fat0.05 g Carbs91.27 g Fiber0.9 g

This is the detail of nutrients that you can keep in

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