Alcohol & The Keto Diet

Alcohol & The Keto Diet

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The keto diet can make having a social life difficult, especially when it comes to going out to eat and drink with friends. 

But, is it even possible to consume alcohol on a keto diet? Are there keto-friendly alcoholic drinks? And what about mixed drinks on keto?

Since most alcoholic drinks (like beer and cocktails) contain a lot of carbs and calories, it’s best to avoid them on any diet, but especially on keto, where the aim is to eat less than 20g carbs per day. But don’t despair as there are some options available, which I’ll list out below. 

Another thing to take into consideration before you start drinking alcohol on Keto is the way alcohol affects the liver’s metabolism, and especially when it comes to a keto diet, as the liver is depleted of glycogen. The low glycogen level means the liver will start metabolizing the alcohol quickly, which might lead to a heightened level of drunkenness and a worse hangover.

Bottom line is that yes, you can drink alcoholic beverages and still stay on a keto diet but you need to choose your drinks

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