Best Low Carb Options at Hardee’s and McDonald’s

Best Low Carb Options at Hardee’s and McDonald’s

Whether we are travelling and feel hungry, and don’t want to skip your special food items. Therefore, many varieties for you are made with fewer carbs and keto at Mcdonald’s & Hardee’s. You must have to go to test the taste and compile the list of all keto-friendly options.

You can get low-carb breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Hardee’s and Mcdonald’s. All those ideas from both restaurants with less than five net carbs less expensive. So, let’s look below and get all delicious keto-friendly food options.

10 Low-Carb Options at Hardee’s

Hardees is a fast-food restaurant, and their speciality is burgers and fries. They also offer breakfast sandwiches, burritos, chicken tenders, chicken, roast beef, and fish sandwiches. Also, they provide a low-carb option like low-carb burgers and chicken sandwiches. It means that the sandwich you ordered will come in a wrapped lettuce bun, not in the traditional bun.

These restaurants make killer cinnamon rolls before expanding their menu. And, those rolls are so soft, plump, and delicious. The frosting is the best part of this restaurant. But now, Hardee’s offers many decent food items more than just cinnamon rolls. While they are still offering fried foods that you can

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