Couple runs keto business out of former Lincoln Harps building

Couple runs keto business out of former Lincoln Harps building

Credit: Original article published on Arkansas Democrat Gazelle

LINCOLN, AR — Robert and Crystal Sikes have gone from making their own keto nutrition bars for themselves to producing thousands of bars each month and shipping those from Lincoln to customers throughout the United States and the world.

Their company, Keto Savage, also offers personal coaching, training and nutrition education through videos and podcasts that reach millions of people each week, they said.

The business now is based out of the former Harps building in Lincoln, and the couple has completely transformed the inside of the building.

Inside, they have a commercial kitchen to produce the keto bars, called Savage Bricks, a conveyor belt and machine to wrap the bars for shipping, a private gym for workouts and training videos, an office with technology for their podcasts and a conference room for company meetings.

Other plans for the building are to manufacture their own line of apparel, called Live Savage, and to put in a boutique in the front of the building that will have ketogenic products apparel for customers to purchase onsite.

‘Super small, scrawny’

The journey for Robert began as a boy, he said. He was super small, scrawny but wanted to emulate his uncle, the jock of the family. His uncle taught him how to do a bicep curl and from there, Robert said he began learning about bodybuilding.

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