How to reduce bloating on keto

How to reduce bloating on keto

Credit: Original article published on Film Daily

Not many people know this, but every person’s digestion system is pretty unique. Everyone’s metabolism works differently and has its own quirks and strengths, and it depends entirely on what their gut accepts and what it doesn’t.

However, for optimal and healthy digestion and metabolism function, several bacteria are required that can keep the digestive system healthy, free from bloating and promote a healthy metabolism. These bacteria can be ingested through food but are mostly naturally present in the gut. 

However, when people switch diets and change their food intake, the gut-flora can get messed up, and it might take them some time to get back to normal. This inconstancy in the bacterial activity causes harmful bacteria to take the stage and do what they’re best at doing: bloating your stomach. 

Bloating is caused by harmful bacteria that act on your gut due to your food intake changes and can persist if your stomach does not get used to the food you’re taking in. 

So how does one stop the bloating? It is the opposite of what one looks to achieve when going keto. To help your gut adjust to keto and reduce bloating, you need to take care of what goes inside you. 

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