Keto BBQ Sauce | The BEST Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

Keto BBQ Sauce | The BEST Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

If you have been looking for an amazing Keto BBQ sauce recipe then look no further. I could not be happier with this sugar free barbecue sauce. It is so easy to make with everyday ingredients and the taste is something else.

I have always been a barbecue and barbecue sauce fan. Pre-keto barbecue ribs or pulled meats and barbecue sauce were often on the menu. So, I had to have another go at making the best keto bbq sauce recipe.

You may know my other sugar free barbecue sauce recipe I created back in 2018. I have had a play around and come up with this sauce which I feel is my best yet. Try it and let me know.

Keto BBQ Sauce Ingredients

The ingredients for this sugar free bbq sauce are all keto-friendly. You are more than likely to have all of them at home right now. Here is just a little about some of the key ingredients, what I use, brand and why.

I use Grove Avocado Oil for flavour. Any extra virgin olive oil can be used if preferred.

There is a link to my sugar free ketchup that is used in the recipe however, any sugar free or reduced sugar shop-bought ketchup/tomato sauce can be used.

The yellow mustard is the American-type you use on a hotdog not powdered mustard.

I use 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in this recipe it does add a good amount of tanginess to the sauce and helps to cut the sweetness and fat when used on ribs etc. You can reduce the amount if preferred, but this sauce is perfectly balanced to me.

Sugar-free Worcerstershire is available in specialty stores. Honestly, it is there for more of a traditional flavour in barbecue sauce. I have used gluten-free tamari many times and love the sauce as is, so choose what you would prefer. To be honest though, if you use the tamari, coconut aminos or even gluten free soy sauce with the ingredients in this keto bbq sauce you will not notice any difference.

I use Sukrin Gold granular sweetener in this recipe. To me it is important to use a gold/brown sweetener to get a more caramel brown barbecue sauce flavour. Other brands that would suit are Natvia or SoNourished.

How to Make Keto Barbecue Sauce

This keto bbq sauce is a cinch to make at home. Essentially you just sauté the onion and garlic until it is soft and opaque then reduce the sauce until it is thick and saucy. It doesn’t take long nor is it complicated.

I have include how to make the keto bbq sauce in a Thermomix as well. The sauce still comes together beautifully it just takes a little longer to cook than on the stove.

What to Use this Amazing Barbecue Sauce With

This sugar free barbecue sauce is very versatile. While I love it basted on smoked pork ribs and as a finishing sauce there is so many

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