Keto Pesto Recipe | Easy Zero Carb Pesto Sauce

Keto Pesto Recipe | Easy Zero Carb Pesto Sauce

Is pesto keto? Well yes, it is! This recipe needed no tweaks to make it keto, but I have made it absolutely tasty for you.

We all love easy and fresh keto recipes at our fingertips and that is exactly why I am posting this recipe today.

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We can all love this keto recipe just because

a) it tastes crackingly good

b) it takes less than 10 minutes to make

c) an easy basil pesto is a great with a lot of dishes as well as a dip

d) there is little to no carbs in pesto sauce

The Ingredients for Pesto Sauce

With only 6 ingredients a great pesto sauce is super easy to make.

My HOT TIP is to use avocado oil. It tastes amazing and adds a gorgeous dark green hue to the basil pesto. I use Grove Avocado Oil which is very dark green and a personal favourite. (And yes, you can get it in the supermarket).

Pine nuts – while this recipe uses pine nuts you

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