Keto Thai Beef Salad So delicious and only 3g Net Carbs

Keto Thai Beef Salad So delicious and only 3g Net Carbs

This Keto Thai Beef Salad is seriously one of my favourite recipes. Super quick and easy it is perfect for a midweek meal.

I am a huge fan of simple flavours in any recipe. The Thai dressing is out of this world and I know this will quickly become an easy favourite at home for you too.

Keto Thai Beef Salad Ingredients

This Asian keto beef salad is really less than 6 fresh ingredients and a few keto pantry items too. It is easily adaptable to what fresh ingredients you have on hand. I am a big fan of growing herbs at home. So, if you have things like fresh mint, coriander, parsley and some leafy greens in the garden you will find this incredibly quick and easy to make.

I use grass-fed organic sirloin however you can use any cut of beef you prefer. If you are not a red meat fan this will work with chicken or pork too.

Chilli is purely optional. If you are not a spicy food lover leave it out. Alternatively, omit the flakes, and deseed the chilli for your salad.

Feel free to add a little bit of cherry tomatoes, some fresh lime wedges and make it your own.

For anyone with a peanut allergy (or for a paleo Thai beef salad) swap almonds or cashews.

How to make a Keto Asian Beef Salad

A lot of traditional Thai dressings and salads do contain sugar. To make this keto Thai beef salad we have to make our own dressing. If only the supermarkets were to have more sugar free sauces and dressings available our lives would be a little quicker and easier.

Trust me though, this recipe is very fast and perfect for midweek and a great addition to any keto meal plans.

The Best Keto Asian Recipes

Since following a keto lifestyle my love for Asian-style recipes has flourished. I simply cannot get enough. Here are just a few of my favourites that you might enjoy too. They are all quick and easy keto recipes too.

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