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You may have heard the term “ketonuria” from your doctor or read that it can be a problem for some people with certain medical conditions. I definitely sounds like “ketone”, but does it have something to do with the Keto diet?

Today we’ll take a closer look at ketonuria and explain everything you need to know, from what it means, to who needs to look for it and what to do about it.

Table of Contents: 1 What is Ketonuria? 1.1 Symptoms of Ketonuria 1.2 Causes of Ketonuria 1.3 Ketonuria in Diabetes 1.4 Ketonuria in Pregnancy 1.5 Treatment for Ketonuria 1.6 Know Your Risk for Ketonuria What is Ketonuria?

According to many sources, ketonuria is simply the presence of ketones in urine. (1, 2)

This is a concept many of us in the Keto world are familiar with. Who among us hasn’t bought ketone test strips (aka “Ketostix”) at the local drugstore to see if we’re in ketosis yet?

On Keto we want to make ketones – lots

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