Low Carb Noodles: Keto Pasta Alternatives

Low Carb Noodles: Keto Pasta Alternatives

All over the world, you’ll find different variations of noodles, from Italian lasagna layers to Chinese egg noodles to Vitamenese-style pho noodles. Despite being relatively flavorless on their own, each one plays an essential role in turning our favorite flavors into memorable meals.

Unfortunately, each noodle will also add enough net carbs to transform the recipe into a less healthy, high-carb dish. This leaves us with two strategies we can use to transform the dish into a keto-friendly one using low-carb noodles:

Cut the noodles out altogether or use a low-carb noodle alternative.

Though the first option is the easiest, you may find that it only worsens your craving for lasagna, pasta, ramen, or pho. This is why we decided to put together a comprehensive guide to low carb noodles so you can become an expert at the second strategy.

We’ll show you how to do this with recipes and tips for the following noodle varieties:

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