The Best Keto Brookies Recipe

The Best Keto Brookies Recipe

My chocolate keto brookies recipe was originally posted way back in July 2018. It needed a lot of love and a bit of revamp in both the recipe and the pictures. I have to say it was fun to remake and shoot these incredibly delicious surprisingly sugar free cookies.

Have a quick read through the post for some tips on the ingredients and baking. Plus, I have included a Top 5 of my best keto cookies on the website for you to discover too.

Keto Brookies Ingredients

Making your own healthy brookies at home is easy. Most of the ingredients you will already have in your pantry.

I have used gelatin and collagen for good gut health. Plus, their addition to the keto brookies recipe make the brookie chewy and delicious. Please note you do not have dissolve the gelatin just follow the recipe steps as written.

As always, I use a double acting baking powder. Bobs Red Mill or Lotus Pantry do not contain aluminium so you do not get any aftertaste or bitterness from the baking powder.

For the sweetener, I use Sukrin erythritol/steviol sweetener. As erythritol recrystallizes upon cooling this also makes the brookies crisp.

Cell Squared have an amazing range of clean keto-friendly pantry items. I have used the unsweetened cacao, salt flakes and coconut butter in this recipe.

How to make your own Keto Brookies

The recipe for the brookies is super simple and even the kids can helo make these at home. A simple “mix it together” roll and bake the brookies take less than 10 minutes to get into the oven. Honestly, the hardest bit is waiting for them to cool.

I have included a thermomix keto brookie recipe and method. We have a load of thermie fans and this recipe is incredibly easy to make in your mixer.

mix the dough and fold through the nuts and choc chipsroll and place onto the prepared baking sheetbake until slightly firm and leave to crispdrizzle with chocolate for a sweet keto treat Why the addition of collagen and gelatin?

I have added collagen and gelatin for many health benefits but also to give a little bit of chew and crispness to these brookies. 

Collagen and gelatin are not only included in the keto brownie cookies but also quite a lot of my baking recipes. I like to add them as they are so good for our hair, skin and nails. After having difficulty with losing a lot of my hair when I started keto I found collagen and gelatin helped a lot.

Collagen is fabulous for overall health it is proven to help

joint painreduce hair lossstrengthen nailsimprove metabolismprevent skin dryness and wrinklesimprove muscle massdecrease bone degenerationhelp leaky gutprotect cardiovascular healthbenefit liver health and function The Best Keto Cookies Recipes are Right Here!

Aside from a great recipe for brookies we have the best keto cookies. I have been creating keto cookies for so long now and I really

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