When Dipika Kakar Shared How Shoaib’s Diet Tips Helped And Inspired Her To Lose Weight

When Dipika Kakar Shared How Shoaib's Diet Tips Helped And Inspired Her To Lose Weight

Credit: Original article published on Republic World

Dipika Kakar once revealed that she was inspired by her husband Shoaib Ibrahim to follow a fit lifestyle. At the time, the actor was busy shooting scenes and getting ready for her next serial. It was during this time that she had also won a popular reality tv show and was garnering tremendous praise from fans and loved ones. However, due to the nature within the house, Dipika Kakar admitted that her diet had changed. Therefore when she finally came out of the house, she began eating a lot which affected her role. 

When Dipika Kakar shared how Shoaib’s diet tips helped 

According to an interaction with Bollywood Shaadis, the serial she was preparing for needed her to look like an A list actor who falls in love with a doctor. However, the actor had admitted that since being released from the show, she began to eat a lot as they wouldn’t get to eat much on the reality show. This began to affect her health and Shoaib Ibrahim intervened at this point asking her to follow a diet plan.  Her husband advised Dipika that she had to lose weight for the role that she was playing and thus she needed to keep a check on her food. This was later followed by the husband pushing her to follow a diet plan specifically made for her along with a set of workout routines. 

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